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At Europe Luxury Services we understand that renting a luxury car is not just about getting from one place to another in Berlin.

The luxury experience that we provide begins and ends much beyond the point that our clients start up the engine of their rented luxury car.

It’s about a Luxury journey, a feeling of everything being perfect that makes our rental experience tailored just for you.

Edgy and Exciting

Berlin is Germany´s capital city and the largest city in the country. Berlin´s turbulent history throughout the 1900s is well documented and undoubtedly does not need repeating here however it is the past that ultimately moulds the future and a visit to this exciting city would not be complete without a visit to some of its most well-known and significant historic landmarks such as the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate.

This once divided city has a fascinatingly edgy vibe today, is almost overcompensatingly liberal in stark contrast to its past and has a unique and appealing energy radiating from its very streets.

Aside from the wealth of historical sites and museums, Berlin is renowned for its encouragement and abundance of all things Art, Creative and Culture. The architecture is quirky and diverse, there is street art on every corner, festivals a plenty and an unabated avant-garde nightlife scene which is famous the world over.

Modern day Berlin also treats its visitors to a rich and diverse gastronomy, owing in a large part to the city´s welcoming nature to people of all nations, evidence of which can be sampled on every level, from the street food in the markets to the in-house restaurants of its many five star hotels or one of the no less than twenty-four Michelin starred restaurants.

Experience German engineering in Berlin

Whilst driving any German made luxury car is a treat to behold in any country, nothing beats the thrill and exhilaration of driving one on home soil. Rent an Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz or Porsche in Berlin from Europe Luxury Services and experience it for yourself.

Hire an Audi RS6 Avant in Berlin and you will understand why this car has the edge over all others in its class. The Audi RS6 combines elegance and high-performance with ample interior space making it the perfect companion for your trip to Berlin.


If you fancy trying something a little different, why not rent a BMW i8 in Berlin?

This plug-in hybrid sports car from German powerhouse BMW is simply electrifying and with its sleek design and gull wing doors it is bound to draw some attention on the streets.

If Mercedes is the make for you, go ahead and hire a Mercedes AMG GT in Berlin. Considering that Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton had a hand in the development of this race ready beast of a car you just know that driving one will be an experience you will not forget in a hurry!

Finally, why not consider renting a Porsche 911 Turbo for your trip to Berlin? Whilst it bears the 911 moniker, the 911 Turbo is sleeker, lighter, wider, and an altogether totally different beast.

If you want to find out why, hire a Porsche 911 Turbo in Berlin from Europe Luxury Services and you will see for yourself.

Can I hire a car at Berlin Airport?

Of course. Whether you are arriving to Berlin Schonefeld Airport located in the south east of Berlin or to Berlin Tegel Airport in the north west of the city, our Berlin Luxury Car Hire team will be there waiting for you the minute you step foot off the plane.

By taking care of all the arrangements in advance, our professional and dedicated team of luxury car hire experts ensure that the start to your journey will be a smooth one.

No waiting or queuing once you land, you will be taken by our driver directly to your waiting luxury car so that you can start your trip hassle free and relaxed.

If you are already in Berlin when you want to hire a car, again, no problem. Wherever you are staying in the city or in the surrounding area, our Berlin luxury rental service allows for delivery of our vehicles to any location of your choosing.

How do I book?

This is the easy part. Simply contact our luxury car hire team by phone, email, WhatsApp or via the quick and easy online Get A Quote form, let us know what it is that you need and when you need it and we will send you a personalised quote.

Take your pick and we can book it for you there in then. All you need is a valid passport, driving licence and credit card. Call us now on +44 203 807 7363 to arrange your luxury car rental in Berlin.


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Whatever it is you are looking for, we have the perfect car for you. With an extensive fleet of Supercars, Sports Cars, Convertibles and luxury SUVs in every major European destination, we guarantee that we have the luxury car that suits your needs.

We have all the latest models and we work tirelessly to ensure that we have the most well maintained fleet available for hire, so that we can deliver to you a perfect car every time.

Contact us now to book your luxury car hire in Berlin.

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No matter where you are headed in Europe, our vast distribution network ensures that we can deliver the car that you want, right to your door.

Our delivery centres are based throughout Europe in the below listed countries however our team of delivery drivers will cross borders, travel over sea and land and do whatever necessary to bring your luxury car to you wherever you happen to be. You just need to let us know where and we will be there.

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About Us

In 2013 Laura Sides established Europe Luxury Services, delivering exotic rental cars throughout Europe and ensuring that customer satisfaction was always her main priority.

Since then, she has grown her team and expanded her impressive rental fleet of supercars, luxury saloons, sports cars and high-end SUV´s, while continuing to offer a personalised and professional luxury service at every stage.

"Laura from Europe Luxury Services offered a level of professionalism throughout the whole process. Their attention to detail left me feeling truly luxurious in every way."

Rachel Anne, VP of Product