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At Europe Luxury Services we understand that renting a luxury car is not just about getting from one place to another in Marseille.

The luxury experience that we provide begins and ends much beyond the point that our clients start up the engine of their rented luxury car.

It’s about a Luxury journey, a feeling of everything being perfect that makes our rental experience tailored just for you.

Multicultural Marseille

France´s second largest city and indeed its oldest city, Marseille is a thriving and multicultural port city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region on the south coast.

The city was founded by the Greeks in approximately 600 BC and therefore has a staggering amount of history under its belt. In more recent centuries the main focal point of this impressive city has been it´s port and still today it is considered one of the most significant ports in the Mediterranean.

At the entrance to the enormous Old Port (le Vieux-Port) stand two imposing forts and along the quayside, the Quai des Belges, the local fishermen sell their freshly caught wares every day, a long-standing tradition which is still in practice today.

It is understandable then that fresh fish and seafood dishes are synonymous with the city, the most well-known of which being Bouillabaisse, a delightful rich fish stew comprising of three different varieties of locally caught fish.

In addition to its history and important fishing industry Marseille boasts a wealth of arts and culture. It has cinemas, museums, art galleries and theatres galore not to mention a multitude of trendy hotels, cool bars, fashion boutiques and mouth-watering restaurants.

With its impressive port, countless historical buildings, bustling city streets and spectacular views it is no wonder that Hollywood film producers chose Marseille as the location to film blockbuster hits such as The Bourne Identity, The Count of Monte Cristo, Love Actually, several of The Transporter films, not to mention the literally hundreds of French made films that were shot here.

Explore Marseilles in a Maserati

In a city the sheer size of Marseille there is no way you will want to explore on foot. And why would you when you can hire a stylish and elegant Maserati GranCabrio Sport and let the car do all the hard work for you?


This highly desirable, incredibly fast and extremely attractive four-seater convertible is the ideal car for exploring this immense and fascinating city. Hire a Maserati GranCabrio Sport in Marseille from Europe Luxury Services and experience the thrill of this Italian sports car for yourself.

Hire a Mercedes GT AMG Roadster in Marseille

What better way to cruise from Marseilles along the stunning southern coast of France than in this sleek, low slung, two-seater convertible? Take a journey in this impressive car to the historic port city of Toulon, located to the east less than an hour´s drive from Marseille.

Or travel from Marseilles and visit the pretty seaside town of Cassis stopping along the way at The Calanques, a series of shimmering turquoise inlets, caves and beaches nestled in between towering limestone cliffs.

With power under the pedal and the sun on your face, you will know you´ve made the right choice with this powerful beast from Mercedes. Contact us now to get your Mercedes GT AMG Roadster rental in Marseille booked today.

Can I hire a Luxury Car at Marseille Airport?

Of course. Our Marseille Luxury Car Hire team will have everything in hand, your luxury rental car gleaming clean and polished and waiting for you the moment you step foot off the plane.

We take care of everything in advance so that you do not need to wait or queue, you can simply start your dream holiday without delay behind the wheel of your dream car.

If cruising along the south of France in a Supercar, Sports Car, SUV or luxury convertible is something you´ve always wanted to do, what´s stopping you? Contact Europe Luxury Services and get your luxury car booked today.

How do I rent a luxury car in Marseille?

It’s very straight forward. Simply contact our team of dedicated luxury car hire experts, tell us which luxury car you want to hire, the location and dates of your trip and we will provide you with a personalised quote letting you know all of the available options that meet your requirements.

All you need to do is select the car that you want and we can get it booked for you there and then, either over the phone, by email or by WhatsApp. We guarantee that you will receive the exact model that you book, not just one of a category. Contact our team today to find out more information.


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Whatever it is you are looking for, we have the perfect car for you. With an extensive fleet of Supercars, Sports Cars, Convertibles and luxury SUVs in every major European destination, we guarantee that we have the luxury car that suits your needs.

We have all the latest models and we work tirelessly to ensure that we have the most well maintained fleet available for hire, so that we can deliver to you a perfect car every time.

Contact us now to book your luxury car hire in Marseille.

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Our delivery centres are based throughout Europe in the below listed countries however our team of delivery drivers will cross borders, travel over sea and land and do whatever necessary to bring your luxury car to you wherever you happen to be. You just need to let us know where and we will be there.

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About Us

In 2013 Laura Sides established Europe Luxury Services, delivering exotic rental cars throughout Europe and ensuring that customer satisfaction was always her main priority.

Since then, she has grown her team and expanded her impressive rental fleet of supercars, luxury saloons, sports cars and high-end SUV´s, while continuing to offer a personalised and professional luxury service at every stage.

"Laura from Europe Luxury Services offered a level of professionalism throughout the whole process. Their attention to detail left me feeling truly luxurious in every way."

Rachel Anne, VP of Product