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The King of Italy and his Prancing Horse

Rome may be the capital, but Florence is often considered to be the King of Italy and where would a King be without his prancing horse. A sleek and stylish Ferrari rental Florence somehow still manages to stand out from the crowd in this historic, cultured and ambient city that is packed full of world class art and architecture.

Famed as the birthplace of the Renaissance, we think you’d find Leonardo da Vinci himself admiring the engineering and craftsmanship of a Ferrari rental Florence, if one were to ever cross his path – don’t you agree? So, let´s assume we have the approval of the Renaissance man, the next question is where do you rent a Ferrari Florence and how do you select the perfect Ferrari rental for you? Keep reading for our recommendations.

Take to the Streets in a Ferrari Rental Florence

You might be flying into Italy and plan to book a Ferrari rental Florence Airport. If so, we´ll be waiting to greet you outside of Florence Airport arrivals area, and our experienced team will ensure your Ferrari rental car is prepped, primed and ready for you to begin your adventure as soon as you set foot on Italian soil.

During the warmer months, convertible options like a Ferrari 488 Spider rental Florence, or a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Florence rental are popular choices to take to the road and soak up the sun with the wind in your hair.

But if you want to make your trip extra special, you may choose to rent a Ferrari F8 Spider Florence, which is one of the latest additions to our Ferrari rental fleet. If you do, you´ll be rewarded with a V8 powered beast that is responsive, agile and blindingly fast to drive.

Begin your Ferrari Rental Florence Experience

Inside the historic city of Florence there is a “Zona a Traffico Limitato” which restricts access to certain areas of the city in an attempt to prevent overcrowding or damage to its impressive historic heritage.

Because of the ZTL, it is often easier to explore Florence on foot, but it is certainly worth dragging yourself away from your beloved Ferrari rental Florence to take in the culture. T

here are too many sights for us to mention them all, but the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Flore, the Uffizi Gallery and the Ponte Vecchio bridge are some of the highlights. Much like your impressive Ferrari, the streets of Florence are truly a sight to behold.

Explore Tuscany in a Ferrari Rental Florence

If you want to rent a Ferrari Florence to explore Tuscany, then you wouldn´t be alone. Florence is a popular starting point for many supercar tours.

Your Ferrari driving experience could begin at Florence Airport, from your hotel in the city, or just outside the ZTL area; you simply name the place and we´ll meet you there. Just outside of this vibrant city is the relaxed Tuscan countryside with its rolling hills, dreamy roads, gastronomic delights and more than a few photo opportunities.

The Tuscan countryside offers a total change of pace and much slower way of life, that is until you push the pedal to the floor of your Ferrari rental Florence and rocket towards the horizon.

Which is the Best Ferrari to Rent in Florence?

If you are in the process of planning your trip, you might be wondering, which is the best Ferrari to rent in Florence, so here are a few more recommendations for you to consider.

You could rent a Ferrari 812 GTS Florence to explore this awe-inspiring region powered by the mightiest V12 of them all.

Much like its older brother, the Ferrari 812 Superfast, this beast carves up the road without breaking a sweat, but it also boasts the benefits of a retractable roof so you can enjoy the wind in your hair and 360-degree views of your new surroundings.

Or perhaps you feel the birthplace of the Renaissance deserves an equally revolutionary car, in which case a Ferrari SF90 Stradale rental Florence would be the perfect choice as it is the first hybrid hypercar the Marque has ever produced.

Whichever Ferrari rental Florence you choose, it will be a worthy companion to your adventures around Florence. Browse our large Ferrari rental fleet to select your favourite and we´ll arrange for your prancing horse to be delivered to your location in Florence ready for you to enjoy.