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Explore Picturesque Portofino with Ferrari

Despite its small size, the Italian Village of Portofino is renowned around the world as a luxury destination – so much so, that Ferrari named a car after it.

Once little more than a coastal fishing village, Portofino has flourished into a vibrant and prestigious holiday resort full of boutique shops, stylish hotels, famous bars and a glamorous yacht club, so when you pull up in your Ferrari rental Portofino you can rest assured you will be arriving in suitable style.

Although not much beats the feeling of driving a Ferrari on Italian soil, the most breath-taking way to arrive in Portofino is by boat. The surrounding scenery is stunning and the blue sea against the green hills with the vibrant village of Portofino planted in the middle is truly a sight to behold.

Once you set foot on land though, a Ferrari rental Portofino is the perfect way to explore the many delights that this delightful place has to offer and the only questions that remain are where will you start and which model will you choose?

Shop in Portofino in Style

The best places to go shopping in Portofino are Umberto I Pier, Via Roma, Piazza Martiri dell´Olivetta and Calata Marconi where you will find Armani, Luis Vuitton, Hermés and plenty more high-end retailers for you to enjoy.

Alongside the luxury brands and glamourous boutiques, you will also find local master craftsmen selling traditional embroidery and handmade lace, which are equally exquisite.

Once you´ve given the credit card a good workout, you can slide inside your Ferrari 488 Spider rental Portofino and enjoy its turbo-charged V8 as you soak up the Italian sun and head to your next destination.

The Echoes of a Ferrari Rental Portofino

Next you might choose to explore the winding city streets and you´d be treated to an array of colourful houses that offer tunnel-like engine acoustics. When you rent a Ferrari 812 Superfast Portofino its V12 engine sounds even more impressive than usual as it reverberates off the eclectic buildings lining the streets

, but once you get bored of that amplified engine note (if it’s possible) you could head  to the Piazzetta to enjoy a strong coffee in the centre of Portofino while looking out at the sea.  

Rent a Ferrari Portofino  

If you´re going to arrange a Ferrari rental Portofino, then a Ferrari Portofino rental seems like the obvious choice.

If you do, you´ll be rewarded with an elegant and refined convertible grand tourer that enjoys stylish curves, agile handling and levels of comfort and interior space that other models donning the prancing horse are lacking. 

As you would expect, a Ferrari Portofino looks totally at home in this luxury resort, but we have plenty of other models for you to choose from.

You might prefer to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB Portofino which is renowned for being both beautiful and blindly responsive; or perhaps you would prefer a grand tourer, like Enzo himself, and rent a Ferrari GTC4Lusso Portofino 

Browse our large Ferrari fleet to select your preferred model and then get in touch with our team to reserve your Ferrari rental Portofino today.