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Discover the Secrets of Sardinia in Style

Sardinia is a large island located to the west of the Italian mainland within the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is probably best known for its stunning Emerald Coast, but the island holds many other wonders that are just waiting to be discovered.

Arrange a Ferrari rental Sardinia to explore in style and uncover the secrets that this stunning island holds.

Explore in a Ferrari Rental Sardinia

Dotted throughout the island are a staggering number of historic sites that are well worth a visit and they are often away from the usual tourist hotspots so a rental car is a must. Rent a Ferrari Cagliari, the islands capital, and set off to explore in style. It is only a few kilometres until you reach the ruins of the ancient city of Nora which was used by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and the Romans as a trading post.

As you continue east from Cagliari you will enjoy a cruise along the coast which offers stunning views of Sardinia´s fabled emerald waters.

From the port town of Olbia to the tip of Capo de Testa you will find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and breath-taking stretches of rugged coastline. If you rent a Ferrari Olbia a convertible model seems like the obvious choice. ç

Take in the stunning views from behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 Spider rental Sardinia with its cutting-edge performance and exquisite design.

Or you might choose to rent a Ferrari Portofino Sardinia and you´d be rewarded with an elegant and refined convertible grand tourer that allows you feel the wind in your hair as you soak in the stunning 360-degree views.

When you are ready for some refreshments, you might enjoy a pitstop at one of the many vineyards on the island. The region is famous for its crisp Vermentino white and full-bodied Cannonau reds; both of which are a delight.

Driving a Ferrari Rental Sardinia around the Island

One of the benefits of arranging a Ferrari rental Sardinia for your vacation is that you really get to explore and marvel at some of the secluded spots on the island. Like the Holy Well just north of Oristano which dates to between 1200BC and 1100 BC. This incredible architectural feature is away from the beaten track and remarkably well preserved. The 19th century cathedral of Santa Maria della Neve is also well worth a visit. Perched upon a mountain ridge, it offers views in all directions and is a great starting point to explore the mountainous region of Gennargentu; Sardinia´s interior mountain range.

This is home to some of the best driving roads on the island, so get behind the wheel of your Ferrari rental Sardinia and brace yourself for an exhilarating ride. The roads are narrow and steep, with hairpin turns and no barriers in places, but you can take them on with confidence knowing that your Ferrari rental is up to the challenge.

Rent a Ferrari 488 Sardinia or Browse our Fleet

If you´re feeling inspired to book a Ferrari rental Sardinia the only question that remains is which model will you choose? Our large Ferrari fleet includes a range of models, so you might decide to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB Sardinia, arrange a Ferrari 812 Superfast rental Olbia, rent the Ferrari F8 Tributo, hire the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, or select a Ferrari California T rental Sardinia.

Simply inform us of your travel plans and we´ll help you to decide which model is perfect for you.

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In 2013 Martin and Laura Reay established Europe Luxury Services delivering exotic rental cars throughout Europe and ensuring customer satisfaction was always their main priority.

Since then, the pair have grown their team and their impressive rental fleet of supercars, luxury saloons, sports cars and high-end SUV´s, while continuing to offer a personalised and professional luxury service at every stage.  

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