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Lamborghini Huracan Spyder rental europe

See Naples and Drive

There is a famous quote about Naples, that says “Vedi Napoli e poi muori!”, which translates to “See Naples and die”.

It is said to mean that once you have seen Naples you can die, because you will never see anything more beautiful.

But personally, we prefer our version; “see Naples and drive” because once you get behind the wheel of your Lamborghini rental Naples, driving will be all you will want to do.

Discover the Sights in your Lamborghini Rental Naples

Once you´ve taken delivery of your Lamborghini rental Naples there is plenty for you to explore.

Naples is the largest city in southern Italy, the capital of Campania and one of the oldest continually inhabited places in the world.

The Italian city is known for its vibrant atmosphere, buzzing city streets and natural beauty, with the Phlegraean Fields, Nisida and of course Mount Vesuvius looming over the city. It is also hailed as the birthplace of pizza and as you might expect if you head to the right restaurant, it will be the best pizza you have ever tasted.

We recommend making a pitstop in your Lamborghini rental Naples to sample it at Pizzeria Sorbillo on Via Tribunaly 32, in the centro storico. Here they produce authentic Neopolitan pizza and although there can be a queue outside, it is well worth the wait.

After you´re suitably stuffed you can jump back into your Lamborghini rental Naples or take a walk around the Centro Storico with its ancient cathedrals, stunning piazzas, and hear would-be opera performers belting out a tune from every street corner.

Taking your Lamborghini Rental Naples to New Heights

You might have chosen to rent a Lamborghini Huracan Naples to experience what this raw and exhilarating V10-powered coupe is capable of, or if you are travelling during the summer months you might want to get behind the wheel of the convertible version and rent a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Naples.


Whichever model you choose and wherever you plan to drive in Naples, it won´t be long until the epic sight of Mount Vesuvius looms into your mirrors.

Why not take your Lamborghini rental Naples to new heights and get a close up? The 4,000foot summit is accessible by car, and once you reach the parking area you´ll have a 30minute hike to the top, but it´s worth it.

You can walk the entire crater and enjoy this unforgettable experience as you take in the sweeping views of the bay of Naples.  

The Best Lamborghini Rental Naples  

We are blessed with a large Lamborghini rental fleet and it’s tough to choose the best Lamborghini rental Naples, but here are a few of our recommendations.

You could rent a Lamborghini Aventador Naples and you´d be rewarded with a V12-powered beast that devours the road and boasts dynamic handling.

Or perhaps you would prefer to feel all that power at your feet as the sun beats down on your skin, in which case a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster rental Naples could be the perfect choice for you.

Whether you choose to rent a coupe like a Lamborghini Huracan rental Naples, or a convertible like the Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder rental Naples, as soon as you get behind the wheel of a car that dons the raging bull you are guaranteed an experience you will not forget.

Transform every journey from mundane to memorable and get in touch to reserve your Lamborghini rental Naples with Europe Luxury Services today.