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Exploring Pisa with a Lamborghini as your Companion

Although best known for the famous Leaning Tower, when you arrange a Lamborghini rental Pisa there are plenty of other places for you to see and explore. The city is home to almost 200,000 residents and plenty of historic churches, medieval palaces and ornate bridges that are less crowded and equally stunning.

When you decide to rent a Lamborghini Pisa it´s clear you are not someone who just follows the crowd, so in the spirit of exploring away from the path most trodden, we have some recommendations for you.

Places to Explore in your Lamborghini Rental Pisa

Although the Leaning Tower and the buildings that surround it are a tourist hotspot, which often means big crowds, you can´t explore Pisa without paying it at least a fleeting visit.

The good news is that you can park your Lamborghini rental Pisa nearby and the Leaning Tower, Cathedral, Baptistery and Campo Santo are all located in close proximity to each other, within the UNESCO World Heritage site called the Campo dei Miracolo, or Field of Miracles.

There is plenty to appreciate here, but if you prefer to avoid the tourist crowds, we have a few other suggestions for you.

Why not get behind the wheel of your Lamborghini rental Pisa and drive to the spot where St. Peter is believed to have landed in Italy in 44AD. Here stands the 10th-century Basilica built on the grounds of the old port. It may be inland today, but the Mediterranean Sea once lapped at its doors and its interior is decorated with stunningly vibrant frescoes that will take your breath away.

If you simply want to spend more time behind the wheel of your Lamborghini rental Pisa, then you might pay the nearby town of Lucca a visit. Known as the city of 100 churches, it is a delightful place to explore.

You could enjoy a lunch in Piazza Anfiteatro, a square built on an old Roman amphitheatre or the climb the Giugni Tower to see the seven oak trees planted at the top.
Wherever you plan to venture, you can rest assured that once you are behind the wheel of your Lamborghini rental Pisa, you´ll be travelling everywhere in thrilling style and turning heads along the way, but which model will you choose?

Rent a Lamborghini Pisa

You might want to rent a Lamborghini Huracan Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport as soon as you touch down on Italian soil or you might prefer to arrive at your hotel and have your Lamborghini Aventador rental Pisa parked outside ready for you to enjoy.

Or perhaps a track-primed Lamborghini Huracan Performante rental Pisa is more to your taste? Whichever model you choose, when you book with Europe Luxury Services you will receive a bespoke luxury experience at every stage.

From the moment you get in touch with our team, you´ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be contactable every step of the way.

Your Lamborghini rental Pisa will be delivered to the location of your choice and your personal delivery driver will show you around the vehicle and all its functionalities.

At the end of the trip, you might not want to hand back the keys but we´ll make sure the process is simple and stress-free as possible, with our driver meeting you at the time and location of your choice.

Then again, if you want to extend your rental that is usually OK too. Client satisfaction is at the top of our priority list, so simply inform us of your travel plans and we´ll make sure your Lamborghini rental Pisa is one to remember.