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Explore Verona with a Lamborghini as your Companion  

Verona is a stunning city in the northern Veneto region of Italy. It boasts a medieval old town which sits on the bank of the Adige River and is surrounded by cosmopolitan and cultured city streets filled with fashion boutiques, cafes and mouth-watering restaurants.

If you explore in a Lamborghini rental Verona, you´ll enjoy discovering this intriguing metropolis and because you´ll be behind the wheel of a car that dons the raging bull, you can rest assured you´ll be arriving everywhere in true Italian style.  

Take in the Sights of Verona

When you think of romantic Italian cities, Venice is often the first that springs to mind, but Verona is also well-known as being the setting of the famous Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet.

You can in fact visit the balcony where those famous words were muttered, but in our Italian love story the words “Lambo, oh Lambo, wherefore art thou Lambo” seem more suitable than Shakespeare’s famous phrase.

As you get behind the wheel of your Lamborghini rental Verona to explore, you will discover a well-preserved Roman Amphitheatre, the stunning Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, the vibrant Piazza delle Erbe and the Scaligeri Tombs, to name just a few.

On the outskirts of the historic city centre there are also plenty of multi-story parking facilities where you can leave your Lamborghini rental Verona while you explore the pedestrianised areas or enjoy an evening glass of wine in one of its many piazzas.

Explore in your Lamborghini Rental Verona

Once you have taken in the sights of the historic city, you might be tempted to hit the tarmac in your Lamborghini rental Verona and venture further afield.


The good news is you´re well placed to do so. With Milan to the west, you can easily spend a day in the style capital of Italy, browsing its fashion houses and luxury boutiques, or you can head East in your Lamborghini rental Verona to Venice and enjoy a traditional gondola ride as the sun goes down, but which Lamborghini model will you choose as your road trip companion?

Rent a Lamborghini Verona

You could rent a Lamborghini Huracan Verona and you´d be rewarded with a head-turning coupe supercar that delivers power with a punch, or if you are traveling during the warmer months and want to feel the wind in your hair you might opt for the convertible version and rent a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Verona.

If you prefer your supercar with a V12 underneath its exotic body, then you could rent a Lamborghini Aventador Verona and you´d be rewarded with a beast of a car that devours the open road. Or, if you want to feel the Mediterranean sun on your skin and enjoy an open-air driving experience, then you might prefer to arrange a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster rental Verona.

You´ll be glad to hear we are blessed with a large Lamborghini rental fleet, so browse through our raging bull models, select your favourite and let´s reserve your Lamborghini rental Verona today. You´ll be glad you did!