Mercedes Vito Rental

Mercedes Vito Rental

Mercedes Vito Rental

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The Mercedes Benz Vito boasts all the practicality, space and sensibility you would expect from this German manufacturer.

When you hire a Mercedes Benz Vito you can transport up to eight passengers and everyone will benefit from plenty of legroom, head clearance and luggage space ensuring a comfortable ride on your adventure around Europe.

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GUARANTEE We guarantee that we will always offer the best price for your Mercedes Vito Rental. Please get in touch to get a quote! TRUST We have been operating successfully since 2013, and are willing to answer any questions at any time. We are one of the few Luxury Car Rental agencies who operate without smoke and mirrors.

Mercedes Vito Rental

At first it might seem like a surprising choice, but there are plenty of reasons to rent a Mercedes Vito in Europe. This van-based MPV is much more refined and car-like than you might expect, making it more of a spacious people-carrier, rather than a traditional workman’s companion.

When you rent a Mercedes Vito you´ll enjoy a relaxed driving style, cushion-like suspension electromagnetic steering and crosswind assist that make this large vehicle very easy and safe to handle.

As soon as you slide into the drivers seats you´ll notice that the driving position provides good views of the road ahead and despite its large size, it doesn´t feel cumbersome, in fact it is surprisingly reassuring to drive. It also benefits from air conditioning, cruise control and heavily adjustable front seats that allow you to find your perfect seating position.

This stylish and practical MPV offers easy access for its driver and up to eight other passengers, so whether you are travelling with family or a group of friends, everyone will be grateful for its spacious interior.

So, if you´re planning a group trip in Europe, contact us for your personalised Mercedes Vito rental quote and enjoy this practical, safe and spacious MPV for yourself.

Rental Locations

A Mercedes Benz Vito rental is one of the few vehicles in our fleet that can seat up to nine passengers without anyone feeling short-changed on space, and this makes it a popular choice for group travel.

Whether you are venturing to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Germany, Austria, Switzerland or the UK our experienced team can arrange to have your Mercedes Vito rental delivered to the location of your choice.

Your personal delivery driver can meet you at the airport and help you to load your bags, or if you are embarking on a road trip from your hotel, we´ll arrange for your Mercedes Vito rental to be prepped and primed ready for you to explore.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority at Europe Luxury Services, so simply inform us of your travel plans to receive your personalised quote, and we´ll take care of everything else for you.

History of Mercedes

Mercedes Benz, or Daimler-Benz as it was originally called, was first established in 1925 by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. Prior to its creation, both men were active in the motor industry and had been celebrated for achievements in their own right.

In 1886, Karl Benz designed and produced the Ben Patent Motor Wagon, which was hailed as being the first car to be invented and Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gas-powered engine to be used in the Mercedes Daimler in 1901.

Since joining forces under the Mercedes umbrella, Daimler and Benz have stood for luxury and prestige in the automobile world and this is apparent in the slogan “Das Beste oder Nichts”, which translates to “The Best or Nothing”.

In the years that followed, Mercedes Benz maintained this level of excellence producing high-end, high-performance machines that often left other manufacturers clambering to keep up.

Experience your own slice of Mercedes history, behind the wheel of a Mercedes Vito and you´ll be rewarded with a safe and practical MPV that is surprisingly fun to drive. Contact Europe Luxury Services for your personalised quote and drive away in your Mercedes Vito rental on your next European road trip.

3 Days

From* €285 per day

150km per day*

Tailored delivery options.

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From* €255 per day

150km per day*

Tailored delivery options.

Security Deposit *

Bespoke Rental

Do you want a Mercedes Vito bespoke package? Call us on +44 203 807 7363 or click on the Get a Quote button below. One of our luxury car rental  experts  will be in touch directly.
Looking to rent a Mercedes Vito for a different number of days? Please let us know and we can tailor a bespoke package for you.
*Delivery charges may apply, *Extra Kilometers can be arranged, *Security deposits may change depending on the location of hire
Looking to rent a Mercedes Vito for a different number of days? Please let us know and we can tailor a bespoke package for you.