Tesla Model S Rental

Tesla Model S Rental

Tesla Model S Rental

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The Tesla Model S is a 5-seater, electric performance saloon car and if you thought that its environmentally friendly status made it boring, you would be very wrong.

This car benefits from instant acceleration, eye-catching stylish design features and a whole host of unexpected tech.

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Tesla Model S Rental


Rent a Tesla Model S and you´ll find yourself questioning what is possible in a car. From its futuristic styling and mind-bending acceleration that propels you forward as soon as your foot touches the pedal, through to the intelligent features like self-steering autopilot, adaptive cruise control and self-park capability, this is truly a car of the future.

Sure, it includes a few gimmicks like the summon function that allows you to summon the car with the use of your smartphone, but this car is more than a party piece; it is a pleasure to drive in the real world.

The latest Tesla Model S manages 379 miles between charges, it also includes air suspension as standard and although you might think its instantaneous speed might make it a lively car to handle, it actually feels composed and responsive.

You can switch between the various driving modes to select the driving style that best suits your mood, the highlight of which is called Ludicrous Plus mode, which not only gives you access to the full power this impressive machine has to offer, but it adjusts the cars stance to improve aerodynamics and grip on the road.

Moving through to the interior and there are more surprises to come. You will be able to utilise its more standard features like the front and rear parking sensors, comfortable adjustable seats and a rear-view camera, but the Tesla Model S goes far beyond practicality to keep everyone on-board happy and entertained. From the driver's seat you enjoy a dashboard decorated with multiple display screens with all the functions of a conventional infotainment system, whilst also offering Netflix streaming and a host of on-board computer games.

As you can see, the Tesla Model S is more than just an eco-friendly option, it is a revelation and a market leader in the electric car class. Get behind the wheel and experience the future of motoring for yourself.

Rental Locations

Rent a Tesla Model S in Europe and you will make a statement wherever you venture in the stylish and innovative car of the future.

Our depots are located across the continent, allowing our experienced team to deliver your Tesla Model S rental to the location of your choice, anywhere in Spain, France, Portugal, Monaco, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland or the UK.

If you want to experience a car that is truly innovative, forward-thinking and in truth, a real game-changer, then this is your chance. Contact Europe Luxury Services to reserve your Tesla Model S hire car and get ready to explore Europe at a blistering speed that leaves other road users miles behind.

History of Tesla

Originally named Tesla Inc, the American electric car manufacturer was founded in 2003, with the aim of making a lust-worthy electric car for the masses. The entrepreneurs behind its creation were Americans Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, but the company itself was named after Serbian American inventor Nikola Tesla. They also received funding for this passion project from Elon Musk, the wealthy CEO of Paypal.

Their long-term aim was to create an electric sports car to rival the other more conventional car manufacturers in the market, and in their short history they have certainly exceeded expectations.

Their first car to be released was the Tesla Roadster in 2008, which produced zero emissions as it did not use a traditional internal combustion engine. It was certainly impressive at the time, but later models like the Tesla Model S have knocked this first attempt out of the water.

Now seen as a car manufacturer of the future, we see other more traditional producers struggling to compete with the instant acceleration, revolutionary tech and aerodynamic style that the latest model offers.

The Tesla Model S is more than just an eco-friendly car, it is a revelation and that´s something you will be convinced of yourself as soon as you sit behind the wheel. Experience this car of the future for yourself and contact our experienced team to arrange your Tesla Model S rental today.

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Do you want a Tesla Model S bespoke package? Call us on +44 203 807 7363 or click on the Get a Quote button below. One of our luxury car rental  experts  will be in touch directly.
Looking to rent a Tesla Model S for a different number of days? Please let us know and we can tailor a bespoke package for you.
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Looking to rent a Tesla Model S for a different number of days? Please let us know and we can tailor a bespoke package for you.