BMW X5 Rental

BMW X5 Rental

BMW X5 Rental

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The BMW X5 started the trend of sportier, more luxurious SUV´s and in many ways, it is still leading the pack.

The BMW X5 offers a spacious ride, dynamic handling, and enough power for you to have some fun on the roads of Europe.

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BMW X5 Rental

The BMW was the original luxury SUV from BMW, replacing the rugged exterior of the off roaders that came before it with new swooping lines, sporty trims and a overall a more enjoyable experience.

Hire a BMW X5 and get ready to enjoy the benefits of a luxury SUV with its impressive suspension, smooth ride, improved grip, all packages within a stylish exterior.

Moving through to the inside, the X5 has lots to boasts about too. All passengers enjoy ample space for themselves and their luggage, comfortable seats, luxury styling and BMW´s latest infotainment system, the iDrive.

The BMW X5 as a whole package is very impressive. This luxury SUV combines sophisticated styling, sporty handling and a spacious, high-tech interior, making the BMW X5 the perfect car to accompanying you on your European adventure.

Rental Locations

Rent a BMW X5 anywhere in Europe, with Europe Luxury Services, and enjoy the spacious cabin and its sporty styling.

We built our network with you in mind; so whether you are travelling to the UK, France, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria or Switzerland, our team will deliver your luxury SUV straight to your hotel or villa door.

If the BMW X5 offers you the perfect combination of sophistication and space, then contact us to reserve yours. It starts with contacting out team and it ends with you exploring the continent behind the wheel behind the wheel of a BMW X5.

History of BMW

BMW, or Bayerische Motren Werke GmbH, was first established in 1917. It came about through a merger with three other companies; Rapp Motorenweke, Bayersiche Flugzeugweke and Fahrzeugfabrik; in 1917.

Initially, the German manufacturer produced railway brakes, farm equipment, household appliances and aircraft engines, which were contributed to efforts in both the First and Second World Wars.

BMW began then began to manufacture cars for themselves, and their first car was released in 1928, however it did not make the impact that we expect from BMW today. It wasn´t until the 1960, when the New Klasse of BMW´s sports sedans were released, that the brand we know and appreciate today really started to come to life.

Since then, BMW developed their range and established themselves as a leading producing of high-performance, luxury sedans that are stylish and comfortable.

Experience your own slice of BMW history, behind the wheel of a BMW 5 Series. Get in touch for your personalised quote and we´ll arrange your BMW 5 Series rental today.

3 Days

From* €375 per day

150km per day*

Tailored delivery options.

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From* €325 per day

150km per day*

Tailored delivery options.

Security Deposit *

Bespoke Rental

Do you want a BMW X5 bespoke package? Call us on +44 203 807 7363 or click on the Get a Quote button below. One of our luxury car rental  experts  will be in touch directly.
Looking to rent a BMW X5 for a different number of days? Please let us know and we can tailor a bespoke package for you.
*Delivery charges may apply, *Extra Kilometers can be arranged, *Security deposits may change depending on the location of hire
Looking to rent a BMW X5 for a different number of days? Please let us know and we can tailor a bespoke package for you.